Issachar School – Unlocking your Creative power CD set


The Kingdom Advance Issachar School: Unlocking Your Creative Power…In Time and Space CD set

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Unlocking your creative power…in time and space CD set

Part of the Issachar School Series

With the new level of change and uncertainty in the world around us, we must learn to think in new and creative ways. This course will help you understand the Lord’s power of creativity that dwells within each one of us.

Sessions Include:

  • The Awesome Greatness of God!
  • How Creative Are You?
  • Discerning Your Time and Space!

We are also including two prophetic prayer meetings that will help shift your thinking. Now is the time to know your God in new ways and do exploits! Learn about the hallmarks of the enemies thought patterns and build strategies to stand against and question the acceptance of popular thinking.

The tribe of Issachar not only understood the times and seasons but also “knew what Israel ought to do”. The Issachar School teaching will help you to extend your horizon line so that you can gain wisdom for today and strategy for your future!