Issachar School – God’s Unfolding Battle Plan CD set


The Kingdom Advance Issachar School: God’s Unfolding Battle Plan CD set

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God’s Unfolding Battle Plan CD set

Part of the Issachar School Series

This course is based on the book by Chuck Pierce. The spiritual war around us is unfolding. People without knowledge perish. Learn about the warfare we are presently fighting as well as what is ahead for us in the future so that you can stand in victory in these changing times.

Topics Include:

  • The Blood War
  • The Wealth War
  • The Time War
  • The Battle for God’s presence
  • The Power War
  • The Harvest War
  • The War for the Nations

The tribe of Issachar not only understood the times and seasons but also “knew what Israel ought to do”. The Issachar School teaching will help you to extend your horizon line so that you can gain wisdom for today and strategy for your future.