Core Beliefs and Distinctives of KAN

A company of prophetic people pursuing the new moves of God

We agree with the fundamentals of the Christian faith.  Building upon this solid foundation there are certain elements of the Christian faith which we consider to be our distinctives. These are as follows…

Core Beliefs


Hearing the voice of God is crucial to our relationship with Him and to being led by the Holy Spirit, both individually and corporately.  We believe that training and equipping believers to hear the voice of the Lord and to function in the gift of prophecy to edify, exhort and comfort others is a necessary expression of Kingdom living and being a disciple of Yeshua.  His sheep hear, know and follow His voice [John 10:3-5].  We believe that God is raising up a prophetic people, able to hear and release His voice into the lives of others as well as to transform cities, regions and nations.

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We are committed to training and equipping intercessors as well as mobilising prophetic prayer warriors across the UK to undertake assignments both locally and internationally. We are here to connect in prayer with other intercessors and develop these gifts and callings across the body of Christ. Join us and increase your ability to discern the heart of the Lord and release His voice in a teaching environment.

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We are created for worship and believe that our expression of worship should be “in Spirit and truth”.  We equip believers to embrace worship as a lifestyle through worship lifestyle discipleship programmes as well as enabling people to understand thanksgiving, praise and worship and the richness of our worship expression.  Our corporate gatherings are characterised by an apostolic and prophetic worship flow pursuing His Presence but also executing His agenda in warfare praise.

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We believe that God made an everlasting covenant with Israel and that the church has been grafted into that Hebraic foundation. We therefore seek to celebrate God’s Feasts, acknowledge the biblical calendar and build strong connections with present-day Israel.

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