Issachar School – Third Day Church CD set


The Kingdom Advance Issachar School: Third Day Church CD set

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Third Day Church

Part of the Issachar School Series

The Church must be built on God’s foundation. Where God’s “wineskin” is restored, the saints are equipped, the Church is built up, grows to maturity and attains to all the fullness of Jesus. This course will help you understand what the Spirit is doing in the Church and how God is restoring life to His Bride.

Topics Include:

  • The Significance of the “Three”
  • The Life and Death of the Church – “The First Day Church”
  • Preparing for the Resurrection of the Church – “The Second Day Church”
  • What does the Third Day Church look like?
  • Forming the New Wineskin
  • Equipping the Saints

The tribe of Issachar not only understood the times of the seasons but also “knew what Israel ought to do”. The Issachar School teaching will help you to extend your horizon line so that you can gain wisdom for today and strategy for the future!