The Month of Adar II ~ 1st (11th March) - 29th (8th April)

Adar II is an extra month this year because it is a leap year.  It keeps all the months aligned with God’s calendar purposes.

By way of recap Adar I is linked to the Tribe of Naphtali – leaping like a deer! and is cognate to the Hebrew word “strength”.  Barak who commanded the armies alongside Deborah was from the tribe of Naphtali Judges 4:18.  He was praised for his bravery too. Judges 5:18.

Adar is the final month of the year and is noted to be the happiest!!

This month also contains the celebration of Purim, where the Jewish nation remembers the great deliverance from the wicked commander Haman recorded in the Book of Esther.  The same words are still decreed over you today, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”  You have been crowned with favour and wrapped in a mantle of authority.

…. for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold
Nehemiah 8:10 Amp

Adar 2 gives us a second opportunity to enter into the blessings of the month of Adar. This could be recovering what was missed last month or building on the strength and anointing that we have already gained.