Issachar School: Baal – The Spirit and Influence CD set


The Kingdom Advance Issachar School: Baal – The Spirit and Influence CD set

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Baal – The Spirit and Influence

Part of the Issachar School Series

The spirit of Baal is clearly identified throughout Scripture influencing Israel time after time to break their Covenant with The Lord. This spirit can affect families, relationships, business, however it can be routed out and dealt with.

This teaching:

  • Explores what this spirit did when it gained control
  • Helps to identify the sings of its operation today
  • Demonstrates the influence and impact it seeks to have on its worshippers
  • Offers keys to overcoming and enjoying the lasting fruit of freedom

There are key passages of Scripture highlighting to show the activity of this spiritual power and key to overcoming its influence, both personally and in wider contexts, to ensure freedom and deliverance from its control in lives and regions. The land will be healed as we partner with the Holy Spirit in repentance, intercession and seeking God from pure hearts – 2 Chronicles 7:14.