Training and equipping intercessors.

Mobilising prophetic prayer warriors.

Prayer assignments across the UK and internationally.

Delivered in an on-going “schooling” setting Fridays weekly. Please check for dates on our events page. Delegates will receive training resources, notes, prophetic impartation, worship activations, reviews and updates.

A comprehensive school of 8 separate but complimentary modules. This teaching may be expanded and reproduced in various contexts. The instruction covers the subject of prayer including the very basics to working with revelation and spiritual warfare to change nations.   Starting from the first Module which is foundational, all other modules can be worked through in any order.  The Module topics are:

  • What is Prayer? Kinds of Prayer, Communication, The Model Prayer, Hindrances to Prayer
  • What is an Intercessor? Compare Watchman, Gatekeeper, Intercessor, Lifestyle, Identity
  • The Word of God with Fasting and Prayer Apostolic Prayers, Logos and Rhema
  • Spiritual Warfare Position, Principalities and Powers, Spiritual tools and weapons
  • God’s Appointed Times Issachar Anointing, One New Man, End Times, Kingdom Advancement
  • Spiritual Realms Angels and demons, Revelation, Dreams, Spiritual Gifts in Prayer
  • Transforming Territory and Nations Land issues (curses and captivity), mapping and research
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Training and Activation sessions that will both encourage and empower you to fulfil your calling as a Watchman and Intercessor. The sessions include: prophetic praise and worship, apostolic declaration, teaching, book reviews, updates, prophetic responses and activations, Q&A, impartation.

We are here to support you whether you are

  • an intercessor
  • a watchman
  • a prophetic minister, seer, prophet in process, or five-fold minister/leader
  • a prayer warrior

Such support includes mentoring, encouragement, advice, and personal prayer ministry and prophetic ministry where appropriate.

Prayer Ministry

For prayer and healing ministry see our Total Freedom Ministry Series download.

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In spiritual warfare the art of planning and directing overall military operations is just as important as in conventional warfare.

In each strategic prayer assignment there has been a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

These would typically involve specific journeys out on location with experienced team leaders.  Assignments are carried out strategically under the direction of Holy Spirit, they include preparation, briefings, research, tactics, and follow-up.

Over recent years strategic prayer assignments have been carried out at the following locations:

  • Stonehenge,
  • The city of London,
  • 50-mile radius from KAN
  • Brussels,
  • Estonia/Russia border,
  • Portugal,
  • Germany,
  • Plus many more