Exploring God’s Calendar Introductory Series

When we become aware of the truth that God’s calendar and the Gregorian calendar (January to December) are two distinct and separate timetables, it can be very daunting.  Where do we start to compare them and how do we transition from one to another?  How do we work with both and begin to understand the relevance of the Hebraic calendar?  In this mini series, you will be introduced to the wonderful richness and plan of the Lord in His times and seasons.  You will begin to see the strands come together to display the amazing tapestry that He weaves.

Wherever you are on your journey of discovering Yeshua in the Feasts or the significance of God’s Appointed Times, this brief teaching series will benefit, instruct and encourage you.  We trust you will be blessed.

An Introduction to God’s Calendar

In this short release, Maria provides an introduction to God’s calendar – the Hebrew calendar – showing how just as God speaks in many ways – eg through His Word, the Holy Spirit, dreams, Prophets, visions, angels – He also speaks through His calendar.  The Hebrew calendar consists of a set of Hebrew letters which have a sound, were formed originally from a picture and which also represent a number.  The letters combine to denote each calendar year and each year God uses these letters/numbers to speak to us about the year we are entering into.

God’s Calendar Cycles

In this short overview Maria shares insights into God’s yearly, monthly and weekly appointed times which He has set in order to equip and strengthen us to move forward – a special day each week for us to enter into and Rest [Sabbath], the first day of the new month to set our course, reset and recalibrate [Rosh Chodesh] and the yearly feasts of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, set apart for us to come aside and celebrate with Him.

Celebrating God’s Feasts

In this short release Maria summarises the yearly feast of the Lord and the 3 eternal feasts of the Lord; they are not Jewish feasts – they are God’s feasts – Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.