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Sunday Live 07.07.2024

We would be delighted if you can participate in any of our KANLive events. You can join us by clicking here or at our YouTube channel. You can interact with us while you are watching, either by posting a YouTube comment or using #KANLive in social media.

Some special events will require you to purchase a LivePass from KanShop. You will then receive a password that will allow you to join us live. Please note that LivePass only gives online access to an event during the broadcast and you will not be able to replay it later.

Much of KAN Media’s content remains freely available for a period of at least 90 days. You can access it at your convenience by clicking here or using our YouTube channel.

Some events will require you to purchase a monthly ReplayPass in order to watch replays. These would typically be special events, training courses and confidential meetings. You will then receive a password allowing you to view the appropriate content at your convenience.

Listen to a wealth of high-quality, inspirational teaching recorded live at Kingdom Advance Network. Remember to subscribe for regular updates.