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You are important to us and we cannot wait to meet you!

The best way to connect is to step over the threshhold into a new adventure of relationships and partnership.  Under normal circumstances you would be greeted with a very warm welcome.  Whilst currently in lock down you may make use of our fabulous online content and resources.  Many of our previous gatherings were live streamed and recorded and are now available to view online.

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Whilst we are an apostolic centre, many people consider KAN to be their home church and to this loyal and hard-working group we are indebted. In common with all local churches our family members attend regularly, give generously, serve passionately and are supported pastorally. Regular attendees tend to be drawn from a 50-mile radius, those who reside even further afield are valued and warmly welcomed whenever then can attend.

Aligned Partners

Many people who share our core values and distinctives choose to become personally aligned. They recognise a growing connection and a shared mission but also honour their own primary church affinity. As an aligned partner we would hope to see you in person at one or more of our events each year.  Our events include celebrating the feasts at God Appointed Times (Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles) as well as other training and equipping events. Alongside this we would expect an aligned partner to invest financially on a monthly basis whilst also finding other ways to input, serve and support.

We believe partnership is two-way and during lockdown we have opened up a weekly zoom gathering to assist in the development of relationships.  Further to this we offer apostolic and prophetic input to help establish our partners where they are based and planted.

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Aligned Groups, Churches and Businesses

In a similar way to individual alignment we recognise that several fellowship groups, prayer groups, churches and businesses are linked to us for purpose. This two-way commitment allows apostolic input and the outflow of resources, training and ministry designed to help the groups develop and mature. Aligned groups are encouraged to make a financial commitment.

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Over several years we have developed strong relationships with many national and international ministries whom we consider to be in partnership with. We journey together with these in a mutual This includes a strong relationships with Glory of Zion International, Strategic Elite Alliance, Ground Level Network, Christ at Home and to the Workplace, International House of Apostolic Reformation.