Issachar School – The Next Move of God CD set


The Kingdom Advance Issachar School: The Next Move of God…Recognising the Wind of the Spirit CD set

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The Next Move of God…Recognizing the Wind of the Spirit CD set

Part of the Issachar School series

This Issachar module explores the Moves of God. God’s intention is to restore all that has been robbed from His Bride. He wants us to experience His manifest presence once again! We must be able to recognise the wind of the Spirit as He prepares and positions His Bride for the coming days. God’s goal is not visitation but HABITATION. He is preparing us for His indwelling presence once again, to re-position, re-equip, resurrect and revitalise His Bride!

  • The Church Bride
  • How the Bride was Plundered: The Death of the Early Church
  • Lights in the Darkness – The Last Remnants of the Early Church
  • God’s Plan for Resurrection
  • The Resurrection of the Church through the Centuries
  • How the Holy Spirit Moves With Us

The tribe of Issachar not only understood the times and seasons but also “knew what Israel ought to do”. The Issachar School teaching will help you to extend your horizon line so that you can gain wisdom for today and strategy for your future!