The C.S. Lewis Bible (Hardback)


The C.S. Lewis Bible – New Revised Standard Version (Hardback)

For Reading, Reflection, and Inspiration

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Invite C.S. Lewis into Your Reading of Scripture.

For generations, readers have found insight from Lewis’s articulate and distinctive reflections on fundamental issues of faith through his celebrated classics such as Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, and The Four Loves. Now his wisdom and timeless insight have been placed side by side with scripture so that readers might benefit from the years Lewis gave to close personal study of the Bible as it informed his own writing.

Invite C.S. Lewis to be your companion during your devotional Bible reading and experience how his unflinching honest insight will draw you deeper into scripture.

Features Include:

  • Over 600 readings, culled from C.S.Lewis’s spiritual classics, essays and letters
  • Essays on C.S. Lewis’s view of scripture and his journey of faith
  • Indexes to guide you to each reading from C.S. Lewis
  • Concordance to help you find familiar biblical words and passages
  • Double-column Bible format in a readable, classic design