The Passion Translation – Matthew


The Passion Translation – Matthew – Our Loving King

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Four centuries of silence. Where was the promised Messiah?

The Jewish people were waiting for the word of the prophets to come true, for they had prophesied that He would come.  Then suddenly, the angel Gabriel made an appearance to a teenage girl to announce His birth.  His name would be Jesus, the saviour of the world!

Wise men sought Him.  Herod wanted to kill Him.  John the Baptist presented him to Israel.  God anointed him.  Satan cruelly tempted him.  Then the King came into the Jewish meeting house and announced: “I’m here!  I’ve come to set you free and to wash away sins and liberate those who love and follow me.”

The gospel of Matthew will bring before your eyes the power and majesty of our Loving King.  Encounter the wonder of Jesus as you read this book!