Blink Twice


Blink Twice by Jacqueline A. M. Geddes

Not my heart, not my soul, not my mind

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The aim of this book is to help individuals affected by domestic abuse to see the truth of its dysfunctional, purposeless and destructive cycle.  It is to provide support system for those who feel trapped so that they may move towards a promise of a new beginning.  In this book the author has used her own story to help others who feel captured in an abusive relationship to untangle their confusion and navigate through to freedom.  Additionally, this book addresses the traditional church view of divorce, seeking to provide victims of abuse support in the understanding that, while there is no clear evidence of adultery as stipulated in the Bible, biblically, abuse is a marriage contract breaker.

It is high-time that victims of domestic abuse, whether verbal or physical, are taken seriously and protected by the organisations established to intervene on behalf of such individuals.  Many lives have been lost because the Church and the State have ignored the cries of injustice among the battered and violated.  It is time for law enforcement, church leadership and marriage counsellors to wise up and take this matter more seriously.