Robert Gay

Finding your place in the church today

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It’s a fact – even Christians sometimes struggle with “church.” Many believers have totally disengaged from church involvement because they have found it to be mundane, irrelevant, or downright unpleasant. Many others go through the motions, but deep down, they are dissatisfied and frustrated.

What about you?

  • Do you desire to be more fruitful as a believer?
  • Do you wonder where you fit in as a Christian?
  • Do you feel totally disconnected from the church?
  • Do you avoid church because of past disappointment?
  • Do you go from church to church looking for the right place?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU.

Robert Gay confronts common “church issues” head on. He teaches with clarity and compassion that God is the Master Gardener who lovingly tends to every individual planted in His garden. You will find out how God wants to plant you so that you will flourish and grow and become everything He wants you to be.

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