W E Vines’s New Testament Greek Grammar and Dictionary (Hardback)


W.E. Vines New Testament Greek Grammar and Dictionary (Hardback)

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Learn to read the Greek New Testament with this unique one-volume grammar and expository from noted scholar W.E Vine!

Thirty-four Greek lessons based on the New Testament and more than 5,000 entries on New Testament Greek vocabulary make this the most convenient grammar book you can buy.

With a dictionary keyed to Strong’s Concordance and Bauer’s Greek-English-Lexicon this handbook is the perfect resource for people who are beginning Greek and for continuing students.

Features include:

  • Helpful exercises
  • Transliterations for Greek words
  • Dictionary entries keyed to both Strong’s Concordance and Bauer’s Greek- English-Lexicon
  • Quick references for Greek words behind English translations and where they appear in the Bible
  • Resources to where words appear in the Septuagint-the Greek Old Testament