The Passion Translation – Peter, John & Jude


The Passion Translation – Letters of Love from Peter, John and Jude

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Peter’s letters offer triumphant hope and grace to set you free – strengthening your faith and empowering your heart to soar.  No matter what may be passing through in your life today, power from on high will help you overcome.  Let Peter’s letters show you the way to love unending!

John always points us back to the most important virtue of all: God’s love.  He teaches us that nothing can defeat the love of God and that only perfect love has the power to cast out fear from our hearts.  The truth of John’s letters is a tapestry of love, woven into our lives as we yield to God.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to carry this message of love into all the world.

In only twenty-five verses Jude gives us a message that is desperately needed in this hour.  We must beware of teachings that are false and harmful.  Keeping ourselves in the love of God and holding fast to Christ alone will ensure a bright future.  Jude points us to the God of glory who will strengthen us in all things to remain faithful in days of increasing darkness.