Prepare the Way for the King of Glory


Tom Hess

Bringing God’s Fire and Glory through the 12 Gates & Gateways back to Jerusalem preparing the way for the King of Glory!

The Lord says, “I Myself will be a wall of fire around Jerusalem and her glory within.”

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Prepare the way for the King of Glory is an in-depth teaching book on the spiritual mapping of the Twelve Gates of Jerusalem. By revealing redemptive purposes and spiritual strongholds surrounding the city of Jerusalem, this book helps watchmen on the walls pray with insight and intercede with precision for the Gates and Gateways of Jerusalem.

Prepare the way for the King of Glory shows how Jesus’ twelve apostles took the Gospel from Jerusalem through the Twelve Gates to the nations, an apostolic first-fruit of the Great Commission.
It also describes the prophetic fullness of the Great Commission showing how today’s apostolic movements worldwide are taking the Gospel from the end of the Earth through the Twelve Gates/Gateways back to Jerusalem.

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