The Complete Jewish Study Bible (Blue Flexisoft)


The Complete Jewish Study Bible ~ Blue Flexisoft

Insights for Jews & Christians ~ Illuminating the Jewishness of God’s Word

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The Complete Jewish Study Bible pairs the newly updated text of the best-selling Complete Jewish Bible with details notes and comprehensive study material to help both Jewish and Christian readers understand and connect with the essence of their faith ~ God’s redemptive plans for His people.  Readers will be enriched through this Jewish reading of Scripture and the revelation of the long-awaited Messiah, Yeshua, throughout both the Tamakh (Old Testament) and the B’rit Hadashah (New Testament).

Key Features:

  • Over 100 articles ~ categorised into twelve themes ~ run throughout the Bible covering topics such as Jewish Customs, Messianic Prophecy, the Names of God, Shabbat, the Torah and more.
  • Over thirty additional topical articles ~ ranging from such subjects as the menorah and repentance, to Yeshua’s “Sermon on the Mount” and the Noachide Laws ~ offer fresh insight and spiritual application.
  • Articles and excerpts written by over thirty contributors (both Jewish and Christian), including Drs, John Fischer, Patrice Fischer, Arnold G Fruchtenbaum, Rabbi Barney Kasdan and more.
  • New Bible book introductions written from a Jewish perspective.
  • Follows the Jewish order of the Tanakh’s books (Old Testament), the order with which Yeshua was familiar.
  • Includes extensive bottom-of-page notes throughout to help readers understand the historical and cultural context of the text.
  • Provides Scripture readings for Sabbaths, Festivals, Feasts and Fasts.
  • Offers the original Hebrew names for all people, places and concepts, as well as a pronunciation guide.