Islam and Terrorism


Islam and Terrorism by Mark A. Gabriel, PH.D.

What the Quran really teaches about Christianity, violence and the goals of the Islamic jihad

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What Motivates a Terrorist?

Never before has one book contained such valuable information about the Islamic faith, beliefs and traditions as well as historical and political insights. In an easy-to-read format, Dr. Mark Gabriel shares the truth and tells you everything you need to know and understand about Islam.

In Islam and Terrorism you will learn:

How Muhammad practiced holy war and why it continues today

Why the verses about jihad cancel out the verses about tolerance, causing contradictions in the Quran

What Muslims believe about earning your way into Paradise [Heaven]

Which radical teachings in black market books are being read by the Islamic terrorists of today

Why the United States has become the target of Islamic terrorism

Islam has been veiled in a vast sea of misinformation for too long! As a professor of Islamic history at the most prestigious university in the Middle East, Dr. Mark Gabriel concluded that Islam and holy war could not be separated. Faced with a choice between “politically correct” Islam or joining in jihad himself, he left his faith altogether. Later he accepted Jesus Christ after reading the Bible.