Determine Your Direction


Determine Your Direction by Jenny Watson

A Devotional Journey – Activating You into a Successful Future

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Determine Your Direction: Activating You into a Successful Future

Thinking about tomorrow could be a daunting prospect. Does looking ahead fill you with fear and dread? How do you move successfully towards a brighter future? There’s nothing worse than lack of motivation or movement. In her first publication, Jenny Watson invites you to embark on a thirty-five day adventure to pastures new in thinking, attitudes, perspectives and behaviour. Jenny identifies road blocks and reveals keys for personal breakthrough and momentum, learnt from her own journey. This powerful daily devotional will help anyone who is stuck, lacking motivation or looking for a catalyst to ignite fresh vision and dreams, impart hope and confidence, or equip for the present moment. You will be able to see your way to a focused, success-filled, confident future. Who knows where or what will be your destination! Interspersed with days for reflection and offering carefully crafted thought-provoking questions to consider, you may even be coaxed into a new and beneficial rhythm of life.