Worship Matters


Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

Leadings Other to Encounter the Greatnesses of God

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In Worship Matters, Bob Kauflin leads us skilfully through the Scriptures and through his experience to better understand the why and how of biblical worship, regardless of the style or form.  From the spiritual aspects of cultivating a devotional life, to the practicalities of putting together a song list, he unfolds the essentials required to effectively fulfil the call of God on our lives.

This is an essential book for anyone considering a role of any kind in worship ministry.  As Jesus shared in the Sermon on the Mount, we can build our lives (or ministries) on the rock or on the sand.  The truths in this book are rock-solid and vital to any foundation for lasting ministry.  It is the most complete and most readable discussion on the art and the heart of worship that I have ever read.