The Prophetic Advantage


The Prophetic Advantage by Michelle McClain-Walters

Be God’s Mouthpiece. Transform your World.

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What is God saying to us TODAY?

What does He want to tell the NEXT GENERATION?

The world is in desperate need of the voice of God. If the church is to be a force in the world – if Christians are to be a transformative voice to the next generation – we need to be tuned in to what God wants to tell us.

In the Prophetic Advantage, Michelle McClain-Walters delivers a practical, comprehensive, and balanced look at the role of prophetic ministry in today’s world. Using the lion as an example, she encourages believers to rise up in boldness, power, and strength as she…

  • Provides a clear understanding of the biblical mandates and mission of prophecy
  • Outlines the function and focus that prophets should exhibit
  • Tackles the issue of prophetic operation and balance
  • Gives one hundred advantages that come to those who receive a revelation from God through the voice of prophecy