The Josiah Manifesto


The Josiah Manifesto by Jonathan Cahn

The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End Times

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The Josiah Manifesto opens up the stunning mysteries that lie behind the events unfolding before our eyes.   These keys unlock the answer, the guide, the manifesto – so you can stand and prevail in this hour and in light of what is yet to come.  They are even now affecting your life!  As mind-blowing as all of Jonathan Cahn’s other New York Times best sellers, The Josiah Manifesto contains something different – the answer!

  • Could a three-thousand-year-old calendar of appointed days provide the secret to the most dramatic years of our lives – even ordering a plague, a national lockdown, days of fire and the changing of the Supreme Court?
  • Could an ancient pagan temple, an ominous prayer and a mysterious template lie behind the event that overtook Capitol Hill and shook the nation?
  • Could a mysterious ancient king reveal the secret of a modern American president?
  • Could an ordinance given on a desert mountain three thousand years ago have determined the rise and fall of a Latin American dictator?
  • Could an array of mysteries from the Middle East have converged on Washington DC in a single hour to change American history?
  • Is there hope?  Have we been given a last chance?  And is it possible to change history?

And could these mysteries contain an ancient key, a blueprint, an answer and a guide to reveal what we need to know and do to stand and prevail in the days to come – even a guide for the end times?