The Identity Theft


The Identity Theft by Dominiquae Bierman, PHD

The Return of the 1st Century Messiah

5 Reasons Why We Have a Roman Christ instead of a Jewish Messiah

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An urgent call of restoration to all God’s people

Familiarity and dishonour kill the anointing.  The Jews, being the fathers and mothers of the faith were dishonoured and replaced by other church fathers that, along with Emperor Constantine, crafted a religious system that dishonours the Jews and all things Jewish.  As a result, the anointing left and miracles ceased.  This distorted religious system affects many Christians until this day.

A true believer in Messiah will love and honour Israel, the chosen people, and the brethren of Yeshua Himself, who is a Jew.  When His Jewish identity is restored, anti-Semitism will be a thing of the past and the bride of Messiah will arise in all her glory.  Will you rise?