Spiritual Architects


Spiritual Architects by Rachel Hickson

The gift of the prophets to the Church today

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It is time for spiritual adventures into the new landscape and opportunities being presented to us as the Church and society today, and this book helps us examine the role that prophets should play in navigating this new era. We will examine what a foundation of prophets and apostles could look like in this new building season and discuss how the 5-fold ministries can practically function together in the everyday life of the Church. This book celebrates prophets in the local church and unpacks principles so that church leaders and prophets can work together collaboratively with high levels of trust. Basically, we will try to dispel some of the strange myths and hesitations concerning prophets and demonstrate that they are a vital part of our church life moving forward

Rachel Hickson is an internationally respected prayer leader and Bible teacher with a widely recognised prophetic gift. She is the founder and director of Heartcry for Change and travels extensively to touch neighbourhoods and nations with a message of hope.