‘Prayer ~ Changing Atmospheres and Territories’ Training Series


‘Prayer ~ Changing Atmospheres and Territories’ Training Series with Jenny Watson and Maria Fox

Downloadable videos and teaching notes

Every intercessor has spheres to influence and atmospheres to transform in partnership with heaven.  In this course you will gain insight to become a sharpened arrow, a precise marksman in intercession and spiritual warfare.

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You are key in the advancement of God’s Kingdom rule in the earth.  As we obey, heaven responds.  He has designed and secured our victory as we partner with Him.  In these unique training sessions you will learn strategy and tactics to secure answers and solutions.  Understanding the context of prayer and mobilising for assignments.  Let’s run to the battle lines!

Session One: Intercessors Build Strong Foundations and Understand Springboards to New Levels of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

  • Communication: Partnership/ Authority / Confidence / Corporate
  • Kinds of Prayer: Agreement / Faith / Consecration / Breakthrough / Rearguard
  • Terminology: Supplication / Intercession / Prayer Warrior / Watchman / Seer / Prophet / Armour-bearer
  • The Model Prayer: Position / Perspective / Provision / Protection / Praise
  • Overcoming Hindrances

Session Two: Intercessors are Fearless Worshipping Warriors in Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Realms

  • Identity, Authority and Positioning
  • Living in the opposite spirit
  • Positioning and Courts of Heaven
  • Spiritual Tools – Armoury & Weapons: Name, Word and Blood
  • Spiritual Gifts – Prophetic Words – Revelation Dreams
  • Signs – Wonders – Miracles
  • Judah Goes First
  • Principalities and Powers
  • The Strongman and Angels and Demons

Session Three: Intercessors Contend for God’s Kingdom Plans and Purposes

  • Jesus is building His Church and Extending His Kingdom
  • Kingdom Legislation: Decrees, Proclamations and Declarations
  • Introducing the Gatekeeper
  • Standing in the Gap – Day and Night
  • Covenant Relationship
  • Priesthood and Calling
  • Bloodlines
  • Characteristics of an Intercessor
  • Gifts in the church – prayer warriors

Session Four: Intercessors are Constantly Enlarging their Influence and Territory

  • Authority and Possession
  • Deliverance
  • Nations
  • Land issues (curses) and captivity
  • Altars – spiritual and physical
  • False Religions
  • Religious Systems and Freemasonry
  • Blessings and Curses
  • Spiritual Mapping – research