Moving with Heaven: God is


Moving with Heaven: God is by James Vincent

The Prophetic Worshipper’s Handbook Vol II

Includes a chapter on apostolic worship

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As we grow in worship ministry and increase in the gifts of God in our lives, gaining and keeping perspective can become a balancing act of sorts.  Moving With Heaven: God is helps to re-centre our focus and gives keys to remaining in a place where we are in constant communication with heaven!  Seeing and receiving God for who He is and realising the access we have through Jesus, there is nothing we cannot see, do, be or have as worshippers.  The plan of God is great – can he show his might through you?  Prepare to reconnect, build and increase through the sound and movement God has graced you with as you discover the deeper purpose of apostolic worship, prophetic worship, David’s tabernacle and more as we behold the Creator of All.