Mantled for Greatness


Mantled for Greatness by Joshua Giles

Your prophetic guide to releasing a God-sized dream

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Unlock the greatness of God inside you!

Something is stirring deep inside us – a seed of greatness buried just below the surface, daring to break forth.  We know we are created for more, but are we actually equipped to handle it?

Challenging you to think bigger, prophetic voice Joshua Giles helps you awaken to a vision, anointing, dream and calling for your life that is greater than you can imagine.  Through Scripture, stories and sound prophetic insight, he helps you:

  • expand your capacity to house more of what God has for you
  • embrace the small things that unlock the great things
  • handle the pressures of divine assignments
  • break through your limitations
  • prepare for a net-breaking blessing
  • catch your mantle

God created you for greater things and he’s called you to a God-sized dream that will turn the world upside down.