Jewelled Twelve Tribes Menorah


Jewelled Twelve Tribes Menorah

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Jewelled Twelve Tribes Menorah

Height: 14 cm

Width:  10 cm

This beautiful Menorah will bring light into your home even when it’s not lit! A remembrance to the golden Menorah which stood in the Holy Temple many years ago, the Menorah has remained to this day a powerful symbol of Jewish pride and identity. In addition, this particular seven-branched Menorah branches is decorated with symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel along its central stem, including a colorful representation of the Choshen (High Priest’s breastplate).

It holds small wax Hanukkah candles, but please note that this is a seven-branched menorah, not a nine-branched Hanukkah menorah (Hanukkiyah).