Hidden in Plain Sight


Hidden in Plain Sight by Mark Buchanan

The Secret of More!

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Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try and pray and regret and resolve, you just can’t seem to break certain habits or find the life you’ve always dreamed of?  Old wounds keep reopening.  Old fears keep resurfacing.  Don’t you want more that that?  And doesn’t God want more for you?

In Hidden in Plain Sight, widely acclaimed author Mark Buchanan examines an often overlooked passage in the writings of the apostle Peter, and there Buchanan finds the secret and more.  And here’s a hint: the life you want is already at hand.  Right now.  Don’t believe it?  Does it seem too good to be true?

With cantor and creativity, Buchanan opens the eyes of our hearts to see the treasure that lies right in front of us, untouched and untried.  Finally, we can move from our old life into the life God wants.