From Nothing – Ex Nihilo


From Nothing – Ex Nihilo by Trace Taylor

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Many times, the question has been asked ‘How can you believe in what you can’t see?’ This book is the answer to that question.

  • Where do we come from?
  • How did creation come into existence?
  • Is there really a Creator?
  • Is there an invisible realm that we can tap into?
  • Does it even matter?

These are the questions posed at the beginning of Trace Taylor’s debut book.

What follows is a detailed discussion relating to creation, existence, faith and the answer to some of life’s burning questions, such as ‘if there is a loving God, why does He allow suffering?’

Drawing on a range of scientific evidence to broaden her audience’s thinking, from the sonic boom, our incredible breath that preserves life through CPR, to the mystery of the paranormal, even a relatable case of Anakin Skywalker, Trace adds another dimension to our reasoning.

In FROM NOTHING – EX NIHILO, you will be presented with proof that undeniably points to the existence of an unseen dimension and its impact on our lives.