Eat My Flesh – Drink My Blood


Eat My Flesh – Drink My Blood by Ana Mendez Ferrell

The greatest inheritance of power and revelation that Jesus left us.

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This book is fresh and alive with revelations concerning the sacrament of communion.  This is one subject that has been misunderstood among the traditional as well as the contemporary.

What many in the church perceive is a lifeless ritual.  The Lord is transforming our understanding into a revelation that will revolutionise the Church’s spiritual life.

The Lord reveals Himself dynamically to the author to reform the most powerful inheritance He left us through eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood.

Understanding this subject will take the readers to the most amazing and real manifestations of the power of God in their lives and will open doors to experience Divine Health.

You will discover things about the Blood and Flesh of Christ that will compel you to go deeper into your relationship with Christ.