LivePass Troubleshooting Guide

The livestream isn’t playing/appearing

Have you refreshed the page between sessions? We have to update the LivePass page after every broadcast so please make sure you have refreshed it.

Have you checked your internet? Try using Ookla Speedtest to determine the speed of your WiFi, you are looking for at least 3Mbps.

If you have completed both actions above with success then the problem could lie with us. We will be live shortly. If not, please try refreshing again.

I can see the video but I can’t hear anything

We could be having a time of ministry or an activation and for this reason, there wouldn’t be anything to hear.

Have you checked the volume on the device you are watching the video on? Are your headphones plugged in properly?

The problem could be on our end, the sound should return soon. No need to refresh the page.