The Torah Blessing


The Torah Blessing by Larry Huch

The miracles you have been waiting for are about to be released through the revelation of The Torah Blessing!

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Discover the Jewish roots of your Christian faith with acclaimed writer and leading authority Pastor Larry Huch as he takes you on an incredible journey through the hidden truths of the Torah and God’s Word.  This revelation will bring the Bible to life as never before, releasing new miracles and blessings into your life, ministry, family and finances.

The Torah Blessing will help you discover:

  • What the apostle Paul means when he teaches that believers are “grafted in” (Romans 11:17).
  • How the biblical feasts hold the keys to releasing a continuous flow of covenant blessings.
  • How the Jewish prayer shawl holds the promise of “healing in His wings” (Malachi 4:2).
  • How Bible prophecy is being fulfilled to unite Jews and Christians in these end times.