Understanding Times & Seasons – Issachar School Essentials Teaching Series


Understanding Times & Seasons – Issachar School Essentials Audio Teaching

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This is an introduction and overview teaching series drawn from the Issachar school hosted at KAN, in partnership with Glory of Zion International. We believe that the components of the Issachar school are crucial for the Body of Christ to grasp in order to “know what the Church and Israel should do” in this generation.

We have selected 6 sessions from different modules of our Issachar school curriculum. These sessions are designed to provide you with an overview of some of the key components and undoubtedly will give you a hunger for more of the Issachar teaching.

The selected sessions cover:

  • The Cycles of God from the module, God’s Appointed times 
  • God’s calendar with an overview of the decade
  • Celebrating Firstfruits from the module, Understending the Months Prophetically
  • One New Man – The Fruitful Olive Tree from module, The One New Man
  • Biblical Mindset from the module, New Weapons for New Wars
  • Forming the New Wineskin from module, TheThird Day Church

We believe that as you develop a greater understanding of God’s cycles, times and seasons and begin to apply the principles, your life will be enriched and you will prosper in a new way.