The Shofar ~ Significance and Sound Webinar and Workshop 


The Shofar ~ Significance and Sound Webinar and Workshop

Registration for the webinar and workshop is £15
£10 early bird offer – book by 2pm on 15th July

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Course Facilitators: Stephen Watson and Kim Smith

A teaching webinar and follow up live workshop zoom call

There are few sounds that move or impact a believer as the shofar.  It is the chosen instrument to call to assemble, to mark special occasions and events, and to warn and protect from danger. According to Jewish customs and traditions, a shofar may be made from the horn of any animal from the Bovidae, such as the Kudu and the ram. This is because it can be hollowed out. The sounds can be spectacular. 

Whether you own one or not (yet), join us for this exciting journey to discover the significance and sound of the Shofar. The teaching webinar will be followed by a live workshop zoom helping you to make a joyful sound from yours.

  • One hour of teaching
  • Unlimited access to replays