The Power of the Voice


The Power of the Voice by James Vincent

Find, regain and use your unique sound

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Sound.  Movement.  It is said that the two are inseparable – literally and metaphorically.  Many of us desire to more forward, attain and take ownership of our place in life; yet we find ourselves aimlessly meandering or trudging along, having no idea what is stifling and debilitating our movement, no matter what we do.  The solution may very well be right in front of you – or more accurately, right inside of you.

The Power of the Voice addresses the many issues that stop us from becoming who we truly are and challenges the reader to face the fears that have formed over years of silence and have possibly caused arrested development in many areas.  Your unique expression may be the key to your success, to your freedom.  Open this book and enter a world that has existed within you from the beginning; find, regain and use your unique sound.