The Passion Translation – Letters from Heaven by the Apostle Paul


The Passion Translation – Letters From Heaven by The Apostle Paul

Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Timothy


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Imagine a letter coming to us from heaven.  What would God say?  Would we be able to fully understand his message, or would some of it puzzle us?

The Apostle Paul writes this bundle of letters to the first-century churches he planted.  He wanted them to know God’s heart and to hear his message of truth and love.  Some of the most beautiful truths in the Bible are found in Paul’s letters: Ephesians lays an exciting foundation for our lives; Philippians fills our hearts with joy; Colossians brings the colossal revelation of Christ to us, the hope of glory, and Paul’s letters to his spiritual son Timothy stir our hearts with greater passion to serve God and love him supremely.  Reading through these letters is like having Paul sit in the living room and share his experiences and message of life.