The Passion Translation Ezekiel and Daniel


The books of Ezekiel and Daniel – Visions of Glory

The Passion Translation


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The books of Ezekiel and Daniel relate dramatic visions of glory, apocalypse and ultimate restoration.  These revelations comforted the prophets’ fellow Babylonian exiles amid devastating chaos and upheaval.

The book of Ezekiel bursts with vivid descriptions of heavenly visions, strong judgments and incomprehensible divine love.  Through it all, God’s powerful acts of justice and promises of undeserved covenant blessing display His heart for us to know and adore.  The book of Daniel recounts timeless stories of heroes exhibiting unshakable faith and integrity amid their culture’s moral and ethical pressures.  This extraordinary wisdom encourages and guides us today, while Daniel’s stunning apocalyptic visions provide assurance that God is at work even in the darkness of end times.

We gain wisdom and confidence for today from these accounts of YAHWEH preserving His people in exile and majestically proclaiming His plan for their, and our, redemption.