The Making of a Watchman


The Making of a Watchman by Jennifer LeClaire

Practical Training for Prophetic Prayer & Powerful Intercession

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If you see to better understand the times and seasons, read on.  If you are compelled by Jesus’ words to watch and to pray, this book is for you!

Throughout Scripture, God appointed His watchmen to guard and protect Israel.  The watchman’s duty was to warn of coming danger, calling God’s people to follow the Lord’s ways.  A watchman’s ministry offered both warning and hope.  Though they were often not well received, their message and ministry were critical.  It is no different today.


In The Making of a Watchman, veteran prophet and seer, Jennifer LeClaire draws from scriptural examples and personal experience, revealing how to operate in this crucial ministry – not only to anticipate the enemy’s schemes, but to align with God’s Kingdom plans and purposes.

The Making of a Watchman will:

  • Detail the role of a watchman
  • Help you discern if you are called to this ministry
  • Offer protocols for releasing words of warning paired with words of hope
  • Provide practical prayers, exercises and activations for operating as a watchman

God still appoints His watchmen over cities and nations – those who will proclaim His Kingdom and offer hope in the midst of chaos.  Are you called to this office?  Come along with Jennifer LeClaire and learn to respond with Kingdom perspective to the changing times and seasons!