The Great Investment


The Great Investment by T.D. Jakes

Balancing Faith, Family and Finance to Build a Rich Spiritual Life

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Dear Reader,

In this book I present to you the three aspects that are the essential to the life traveler in order to be happy and successful on this journey called life. We carry only a limited number of bags if we are to move efficiently and effectively to our desired destination. Too much baggage and we are weighed down, caught up in the minutiae of a mundane existence. Too little, however, and we lack the necessities to sustain us on our trip. I believe that there are three bags that God wants us to carry: faith in Him, for the hard times; family, for the fulfilment of intimate and interpersonal needs; and finances, through which one acquires the luxury of options. Faith, Family and Finance – a threefold cord that is not easily broken. If you can carry these three and not destroy one in pursuit of the another, nothing is impossible to achieve. Just three things for a lifelong trip, but what a powerful three they are, all to help you fulfil God’s magnificent plan for you.


Bishop T.D. Jakes