The Daniel Project DVD – Special Edition (2015)


The Daniel Project DVD

Special Edition – International TV Documentary


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The Daniel Project Documentary – Special Edition (2015)

Since the making of this TV documentary by British production company Studio Scotland, it has been broadcast around the world on TV Networks, Film-On-Demand Channels and shown in Town Halls, Civic Centres, Prisons, Universities and even in the outbacks of Australia and Africa.

The 66 books and letters of the Judeo-Christian Bible claim to record over 300 specific prophecies that reveal an astonishing panorama of future events that will face mankind.  This investigative documentary examines those claims.  Take your own journey along with presenter Jeremy Hitchen as he looks into whether there is any substance to these prophecies.  Include bonus interviews where Jeremy asks important life questions in a “behind the scenes” meeting with the film’s Bible expositor.

The British Board of Film Censors has classified this DVD as category 12 for the UK marketplace.