Revival God’s Way


Revival God’s Way by Leonard Ravenhill

A message for the Church

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For All Christians Who Yearn for Revival God’s Way

This no-compromise, biblical clarion call to revival is timeless. Leonard Ravenhill clearly shows how the church can be brought from where it is to where it ought to be. The church still needs his message, first published in 1983, for as Ravenhill said “we live in a generation which has never known revival – God’s way.”

The message is drastic, fearless, and often radical. His goal for the church is nothing less than full restoration to the glory, power, holiness and dignity that Christ intended for it.

Leonard Ravenhill was born in 1907 in England. He became one of England’s foremost evangelists preaching with vigorous and power. He immigrated with his family to the United States in midlife, where he continued his ministry. The author of several books, including Why Revival Tarries and Revival Praying, he went home to be with the Lord in 1994.