‘Our Song Will Rise’ Worship CD


Glory Of Zion International Worship – Our Song Will Arise

The Sound of The Land and The River Joining Heaven

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Glory Of Zion International Worship – Our Song Will Rise

On this collaborative studio album, Glory of Zion International Worship releases the sound that is arising from the earth and connecting with the sound of restoration emanating from the heavenlies.  This release is a synergistic, generational sound of war, healing, worship and faith.  The Collection of sounds, hymns, spiritual songs, and faith building power will cause you to arise with new faith and be propelled into victory.


  • Our Song Will Rise
  • Celebration Jig
  • Shiloh
  • Take Me To The River
  • He Ain’t Heavy/Lean On Me
  • The Lord Is My Light
  • I Belong To You
  • Isaiah 40 [Do You Not Know]
  • The Lion And The Lamb
  • Walls Fall Down
  • Who Will Contend
  • Raise Your Voice
  • Ninety And Nine
  • Bonus Track: Rowdy Friends