From the Cross to Pentecost


From Cross to Pentecost by T D Jakes

God’s Passionate Love for Us Revealed

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T D Jakes’ Magnificent Depiction of the Greatest Love Story Ever Told Between God and Man…

  • Sense the heartbreak of God over mankind’s fall in the Garden of Eden.
  • Be Amazed by a God who refused to give up on His Children and instead opted to fight for the Love of our Lives.
  • Explore the depth of the meaning of the Cross as a symbol of evil where Jesus breathed His last breath.
  • Behold the unimaginable passion and love that drove Christ to the Cross to take our sin upon Himself.
  • Glimpse God’s master strategy that used the diabolical plot to crucify Jesus to set into motion His unstoppable plan to redeem and restore us.
  • Hear and experience the ultimate result of Jesus’s death and resurrection – the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with power!