Intensive, inspirational, interactive and informative training

Hands-on Support from seasoned, spirit-filled business leaders

Opportunities to start in business at minimal risk

The Prophetic Executives Seminar

A course carefully designed for Christian business owners and directors, together with those employed in senior positions in secular businesses.  Especially useful for anyone aspiring to such a position or planning to start their own business.

Topics covered include:

  1. So, what are you? Does your job define you?
  2. Checking the Foundations.
  3. Whose money is it anyway? Understanding faith and risk.
  4. Piety and Poverty. Smashing the ancient mindset.
  5. Just business! How to run a business that God is proud of.
  6. The Pastor and The Businessman. A tale of two leaders.
  7. Transforming Businesses. Calling this century’s social pioneers

The Small Business Catalyst Seminar

An excellent and informative overview of all that you will need to start a new business or to develop the infrastructure of an existing small business.

Topics covered include:

  • Book-keeping
  • Tax Advice
  • Accounting software
  • Payroll & HR

Executive Foundations

A series of sessions aimed at non-Christian business people, to help them understand the need for personal foundations in their life. Particularly useful as part of an evangelistic outreach.

Introduction to Trading

There is money to be made through trading on the stock-market as well as in currencies and commodities. Whilst not for the faint-hearted this course will give a solid grounding for those interested in the subject.

Businesses that chose to align with Kingdom Advance Network are able to call upon both personal and business support.

This goes beyond training and mentoring and has a strong prophetic input.

Some business owners or senior executives have used this support as a sounding-board for strategic decisions, others have asked for help on specific topics, whilst some are most in need of personal covering. Whatever it is we are there for you.

Most of the face-to-face support is carried out at KAN Offices, although phone and email support is also available.

Aligned businesses are expected to make a financial commitment dependent upon their circumstances and the health of the business.

There is also an informative blog at:

If you are looking to flex your business muscles, we have a number of businesses you can get involved in.

Whether you are interested in selling exclusive jewellery; retailing; running a catering business; distributing fine wines; becoming a music publisher; or managing a property portfolio, we have opportunities for you.

With a guiding hand you can develop your business skills, generate an income for yourself and prepare yourself ready for launching your own multi-million-pound business empire.